Focus schmocus

I feel like an over-caffeinated border collie lately. I need coffee to help me focus, but then I’m unable to wind down, so I need a glass of wine to get to sleep, then I need more coffee to help me wake up. It’s a seriously vicious cycle.

Not really sure how the whole “tracking all of money” thing is going. Oh wait, yeah I do. It’s not. But I had fun this weekend with my kiddo, so I know it was money well spent. It was pretty cheap, too. I know some people go on pricey vacations. My kid and I drive around and take in the beauty that is living in one of the most scenic places on earth.

So what am I doing right now? I don’t know. I have piles of old bills (paid) that were in a folder that just kind of cascaded down like a landslide. You know that opening scene from Idiocracy where the landfill fails? Yeah, kind of feeling like that right now. LOL

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