Feeling better

Back to my mostly sober life. It’s getting that first night of not having a glass of wine that gets me. After that, it’s surprisingly easy. My two glasses of wine every night really is a solid, relaxing habit. Man, dopamine sure is a bitch.

I ate entirely at home yesterday. Made those little egg and cheese muffins I like to eat in the mornings, made a giant pot of soup from one chicken (and still have a chicken breast leftover). I have a whole week of meals planned. Just hope I can stick to it. The pull of tasty fast food really gets me sometimes. It’s not that I can’t eat healthy, it’s that it always seems so much tastier than what I can make at home. Probably because it’s chock full of MSG and other crap. But man, I looked at my credit card bill recently, and holy shit is it expensive to eat out. Just one person every now and then isn’t so bad, but every single day/meal with two or more…ugh. I hate the lack of variety and getting out of the house that eating at home entails, but it’s better for me, better for my wallet, and gives me more time to socialize at work.

So far so good.

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