Social Media Detox

I’m finding lots of lists with great strategies. I think the best approach has been to treat it how I treat alcohol. The original list was alcohol. The alcohol specific things have been crossed out in red, social media specific things are in blue. The overlap is black.


  • It tastes good
  • It is a lot of fun
  • It helps me relax
  • Sometimes it helps my libido
  • It helps me fall asleep
  • It has some (very slightly) modest health benefits (and only for, say, 12% of the population)
  • Where alcohol social media is, friends and fun usually are
  • It keeps me up to date on the news and events that my friends are doing
  • I can send pictures to my family


  • It’s expensive
  • It causes anxiety long term even if it helps me relax short term
  • I may fall asleep quicker, but my sleep is less restful and I often wake in the middle of the night
  • It has many many MANY some small health risks (like death from DUI, high blood pressure, kills your liver, inactivity, obesity, depression from FOMO, etc)
  • It gives me migraines
  • It makes me have to poop a lot more
  • It makes my periods worse
  • It makes me eat more
  • It makes me less present with my family
  • It makes me less connected with my spouse so that I’m less likely to want to use that libido
  • I can’t drive after I’ve been drinking, while using it which means where my friends and fun are, I have to make special accommodations to get home or be stuck where I am, sometimes unsafely
  • I can’t respond to an emergency situation (medical or, say, to help my spouse if his truck breaks down, etc)
  • It’s isolating but cheaper to drink stay at home and use social media than go out
  • It makes me feel guilty
  • When I’m drinking using social media, I don’t want to do responsible things (chores, cooking, work)

Okay, so it’s obvious that social media isn’t anywhere near as bad as alcohol. Whew! But the big ones: anxiety, makes me less present, it’s distracting, isolating, and makes my ADHD way worse.

I hate anxiety. It SUCKS. So how to get past this? Here’s one article…

This first line is AWESOME:

Understand That You’re Being Played

Whoa. Seriously. Social media has been designed to be wicked addictive. If you have an addictive tendency at all (and boy, do I!), then you’re fucked. I think the interesting bit is people who aren’t addicted, who never check Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat.

How. Do. They. Do. It.

More from the link…

  1. Implement Rules
  2. Buy an Alarm Clock
  3. Sign Off for a Weekend
  4. Check With Purpose
  5. Be a Tough Editor
  6. Respond Off-Line
  7. Alter Your Settings

Out of all of these, let’s see what I can start with.

I think Implement Rules is a good one. Go from 8 hours a day (seriously, some days it’s probably close to 16 hours…how the fuck did it get this bad?!) to say, 1. Mornings are the worst for me. I get my coffee, Facebook for a few hours, journal, Facebook a little more, then go grab lunch. Then I might run some errands, come home and Facebook, pick up my kid from school, Facebook MORE. Do some small chores (dishes, laundry, meal prep), eat dinner, then more Facebook. Starting tomorrow, I could give myself 1 hour to Facebook in the morning (8:15 to 9:15), journal for 30 minutes, do other stuff until noon. Grab lunch, allow myself to take 20-30 minutes to eat without distraction (OMG), then the next 30 can be social media. After that, no Facebooking until after dinner. Give myself another one hour and that’s it. Be done before 9. Lights out by 10. This is SO DOABLE.

If I can get through tomorrow with that kind of reduced use, I’ll be shocked. LOL

It really is AWFUL, people. I’m extraordinarily addicted and am already freaking out. Maybe I’ll get some exercise in…


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