Mommy bloggers, redux

I just posted about how I wasn’t really into dooce back in the day. I just googled her and this was one of the first things that came up. Thought it was interesting.

Armstrong makes an interesting point, especially in the genre she’s associated with. One complaint about ‘mommyblogging’, in its early days, was that it was too confessional, too loud, insufficiently respectful of children’s privacy. The airing of so much personal material bothered people – but many mothers needed such an outlet.

They needed to be able to talk, in an undisciplined fashion, about the challenges of motherhood, about the work involved in raising kids, with a glaringly honest approach.

“That kind of stuff that doesn’t look good on an Instagram feed,” Armstrong said.

“Back then, we talked about everything, about all of it. We opened it up and we examined it. And I just don’t see that going on anywhere anymore.”

It’s true. A quick perusal of most of the more successful parenting blogs will reveal beautiful homes stocked with artisanal toys and spotless outfits.

That obsessiveness about everything in their lives is what made the mommy bloggers both so annoying and so irresistible. I could never go there. I had a blog. I posted a ton on it. I followed a parenting blog aggregator (that also had it’s own content), called Blogging Baby. It was awesome, but then it became huge and my favorites stopped posting and I stopped following. But the bloggers who were pretty prolific there (Stefania, Melissa, Heather, Sweet Juniper, Sarah Gilbert) have all become pretty prolific elsewhere, so it was a great jumping off point for them all. But, interestingly enough, most of the famous ones got divorced (actually, all of them except for Sweet Juniper) Was it because they were all women who became successful and that sudden fame broke their lives apart even though they were “just” stay at home moms? Was it because of the exposure? The stress and intrusiveness of blogging about your family and children? Because those were the only ones who became successful…the ones who opened all doors to their lives and showed us beautiful pictures of their kids. I don’t know. It’s crazy, though.

Also, holy fucking shit. I’m still on the damned computer. *sigh*

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