I said I was back but I forgot to hit “publish” until this morning. Major fail.


So here I am. It’s January 30. I think I kept 7 pounds off this month, which is pretty good. I heard back from the 23andme people on my diet plan (over two weeks later after the start of the “diet”) and they said the diet intervention was just “guidelines”. So I’m just going to eat paleo. I’ll still try to keep the carbs down, but not going to eat grains unless I have a headache or feel like I need some brown rice or beans. I can lose weight that way. It’s been hard since I’ve been wanting to eat snack chips and cheese puffs that my kid has laying around everywhere.

Other than feeling like I’m not quite feeling 100% (I have aches and pains and anxiety since quitting my wine), I think I’m doing okay. Some days are better than others.

I have one more day in January, then it’s off to February, where my focus is cutting back on electronics and trying to just be more like I was before the iPhone and Facebook. You know, where I read books, or watched TV, or exercised regularly because I had “free time”? Yeah…

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