Gratitude journaling is good for you!

Just saw this today: Writing a daily diary can literally change your brain.

From the article:

In a new study, researchers found a notable change in the brains of 16 women who wrote daily about gratitude in an online journal.

Compared to 17 other women who wrote about neutral topics, the gratitude group was more likely to take pleasure watching a donation going to Food for Lane County rather than receiving the money themselves.

Researchers captured the evidence with MRI scans of the women’s brains as they viewed such giving at the beginning of the study and again after three weeks of journaling. The scans detected changes in oxygen metabolism in cells in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex, an area deep in the brain.

Looks like a this is a great idea. I guess it’s time to include something to be thankful for in each of my journal entries going forward. 🙂

Today I’m thankful for having this space to blather on about the world. I’m also thankful that I’ve lost 10 pounds so far this month. My clothes are fitting better, I’m sleeping better, and overall I feel a lot better. Still have some anxiety and aches and pains, but I’m hoping that, over the next few months, that will all start to get better.

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