Still at it

I’m really proud of myself. I have consistently been journaling for 15 days, plus all of the last week or so of December. That’s a good run!

The one thing I’m kind of bummed about right now is that because I stopped drinking, I feel like I’m feeling aches and pains a whole lot more. I think my body was reliant on my two glasses of wine a night and all of those neurotransmitters in my brain and body upregulated. So now I feel pain and anxiety more. Though I do think, overall, the anxiety is getting better and better. I’m hoping I can rely more on exercise and other healthy things instead of that. But I don’t know if I’ll ever become a less anxious person.

Apple Watch is way more data intensive than the Fitbit. It gives you all of the details, even the ones you don’t really care about. As a total data and visualization nerd, I love it! Still getting used to it but overall, I really like it.

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