I got an Apple Watch and I’m totally excited! My birthday is in a couple of weeks and I had a Fitbit Charge HR that broke before the year mark. I got a replacement which then broke before the year mark. Fitbit build quality must be really terrible lately because my first one, a Fitbit Zip, lasted for quite a long time (at least two years) before biting the dust, and they replaced it. And the Zip was cheap (like, 40 bucks at the time?). But the watch was close to $150 (give or take, after tax) and it broke after only about 8-9 months? Totally unacceptable!

The Apple Watch is not cheap. The model I got was the $350-ish 42mm model. I could have picked a series 1 version for around $200, but I wanted to be able to track swims. I wanted the bigger model for my gigantic man hands. In any event, it was an expensive purchase. I decided if it lasts at least 4 years, which is about how long my iPhones watch before starting to get glitchy, then it’s a better use of my money than the damn Fitbit.

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