So 23andme is doing a diet intervention study. I chose the low carb, high fat version. I hate how they do their research studies. They say, “The study begins on January 8,” but they just sent email on the 8th saying, “We’ll send you information later in the week.” Then later in the week, they have you take a survey about your habits and some measurements and give you a rough idea of how to eat but mention “Yes, this sounds like a lot of information to process…don’t worry, we’ll send you a cheat sheet on email.” A day later…no cheat sheet and I can’t find the actual line of text on their website. So strange.

Oh well, at least I’m starting. The idea is to have one serving of grain/starch a day, while doing protein/non-starchy veggies for the rest of my meals. Cheese is fine. When I’m actually trying to diet, that’s how I eat minus the serving of grains. I do usually eat a lot of potatoes, though, so that part might be hard. We’ll see how this goes…

Starting today, of course! I have a breakfast planned with a good friend of mine this morning. Thankfully, I love breakfast. 🙂

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