I’ve come to finally appreciate this whole journaling thing. Maybe I am changing my brain.

A cursory glance at Facebook this morning and I’m shaking my damn head and jumping over here to complain about how awful people are.

My father in law posts racist and misogynist stuff. And then my husband’s godmother will jump in and post things about “those animals” or “those whores”. If these are people who are related to the man I love (and thankfully, he rejects most of the unsavoriness that is his dad), then what about the poor, uneducated bastards of the world. I would unfollow him completely, and probably should. He’s just…it’s not worth it to see that stuff in my feed every day, that really makes me mad. Like, I could feel my pulse quickening, my stomach churning a little.

Oh shit, there’s another should.

You know what, I just did it. Immediately after I typed that paragraph, I went into Facebook just now and hit “unfollow”. He can still follow stuff I post, the photos I post of my kiddo, updates about the family. But I don’t have to be subjected to the racist and misogynist garbage on his Facebook page.

And because I complained about it (Vaguebook style), a friend of mine who I haven’t heard much from in forever commented and I messaged her about it. We agreed to have breakfast in a few days. Glad I did something good about the whole thing because it paid off in more ways than I expected. Sweet!

In other news, this whole “just do it” attitude is really paying off. I got off of the computer yesterday after my cranky pants rant about my ADHD and not getting anything done yesterday. I am pleased to say I totally cleaned out and reorganized my pantry. Go me! Yay for journaling and being more aware of my feelings!

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