I don’t have a rule that I can’t post more than once a day, so here is my second post.

I think one reason why I have tremendous anxiety sometimes, which causes me to do bad things (eat, drink, etc) is because I have ADHD. It’s not severe, but it definitely makes me easily distractable.

Well, normally, I keep myself reasonably busy but holy crap, today I have done NOTHING. I checked a bunch of reddit stuff that I’ve been following (normally, I read articles or socialize, I don’t really use reddit ever). Holy shit! I even said to myself a couple of times this morning and afternoon, “Wow, I really need to get off of the computer. I have shit to do.” I don’t have anything specific I need to do, but I have chores I could be doing. I could be exercising. I could be reading a book. I could be cleaning off my desk. I could be watching stuff on Netflix (at least that’s enjoyable and doesn’t make me feel like a lazy bum). Shit, I could at least be reading an scientific article and getting smarter, not dumber. I could even just be writing more journal entries like I am right now!

(Does “could” fit into the same category as “should”? I think I’m going to ask my shrink about that this week, because I don’t think it does. But if it does I don’t know how I’m going to talk to myself anymore except for in grunts and spitting noises.)

Anyway, I’m not about to say that I should do anything. I think everyone needs a mental health day where they don’t do anything. Occasionally, at least. I feel I have a lot of stuff to do that I’m not doing, though. And by not doing that stuff, I’m giving myself anxiety.

To take a page out of my kid’s ADHD coaching lessons, here’s my strategy right now:

  1. Stop/Listen
  2. Look the person in the eye who is trying to get your attention.
  3. Repeat what they tell you to do.
  4. Just do it.

Since I’m an adult and don’t need to look at someone and repeat after them, I think this can be shortened to:

  1. Stop/Listen
  2. Assess whatever is healthiest for you to do in this moment.
  3. Just do it.

Okay, so…right now:

  1. Stop/Listen
  2. It would be really healthy for me to clean off my desk and file away all of the crap that’s cluttering it right now.
  3. Just do it.

Yikes. I’m getting nervous just thinking about how much I have to do to get my desk clean right now. UGH. Deep breaths…deep breaths. Okay…JUST DO IT!!!

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