Hanging in there

Still just hanging in there, doing my thing. Logging food consistently is hard, so I’m not knocking myself for not getting every last morsel. But overall, since not drinking wine every night, I’m down somewhere around 6 pounds. Not bad for a basic dietary intervention. I’m learning what sets me off. I didn’t eat right away after a 5 mile walk yesterday, which triggered a “MUST EAT CALORIES” response for the rest of the day. I knew that was a thing because a coach of mine told me that last year, but I didn’t really think anything of it. So I ate lots of chips and more chips, and I had a bunch of Coke yesterday! Yikes…coming to terms with the fact that tortilla chips are pretty much my favorite thing to eat way too much of.

I’m doing a 23andme diet intervention study, starting tomorrow. They sent the email out around Christmas, and I signed up. My intervention is low carb, high fat (or something like that). The other options were the flip side of that (high carb, low fat, I think?), or physical exercise. I know historically that just exercising doesn’t make me lose weight. It makes me want to eat more. I feel better, but I don’t eat any less, haha. I’m really excited to start the study, mainly because it’s someone telling me what to do, not me trying to wing it. Though I have been good in the past on just winging it, this is long enough (3 months) that I think I’ll have the potential to lose some serious pounds. Anything over 10 pounds would be amazing, but I’m not setting myself up for failure.

I’ll write more about it tomorrow when they supposedly send out the email. Should be interesting…

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