What a difference one night makes. I feel better this morning. Clearly, though, evenings are my weak spot. I can go strong all day long and then five minutes before bedtime, I’m a mess. Something about the end of day makes me realize the big picture way more than when I’m busy during the day. Even when I’m not busy, when I’m being a lazy bum, I’m still occupied by random things that keep my mind off of everything. But at night, at bedtime, it’s like, everything in my head is just sitting there, waiting to be sorted and cataloged. I wish I was like my husband, who is wide awake and ready to go at 6 am (and therefore totally productive and awesome), but at night he can’t function and his brain shuts down. What hell kind of evolutionary advantage does being a night person bring? Is it like being a cat or something? Can I stalk squirrels and field mice easier this way? Haha.

I wouldn’t have realized how big of a problem my feelings are at night without this journal. So there’s one big up-vote for journaling so far this year. Hope to keep this insight going!

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