Coffee Musing

Trying to come up with a different title every morning is its own creative hell. I just have to come up with something and write, I guess. I am trying to write at the same time as I drink my morning coffee so as to cement a serious habit. I can’t give up the coffee, try as I might, so this shouldn’t be too difficult.

A friend’s child is in the hospital with a life-threatening infection right now. She’s only five years old. It’s just the worst possible thing a parent could go through. They went to the hospital a few nights before Christmas, and they thought things were under control enough to leave for Christmas day. They went home, and the next day, she had become a lot more ill, so back to the hospital they went. Assuming she survives, she’ll be dealing with the after effects, potentially, for years. She may be permanently disabled. Hopefully, she’ll be fine and will recover and in a few years, we’ll all be talking about how terrifying things were but how they’re thankful for what they have now. I’m sure my friend and his wife are cycling through all of the potential outcomes in their heads, hoping beyond hope that their daughter makes it through alive.

I am writing this because it’s something to write about (duh) but also as a reminder that shit can change in an instant. We’re lucky if we live on this earth, in good health, for a long time. I know a lot of it is genetic, but some of it is luck. Good things that we do – eating healthy, exercising, socializing with our loved ones, getting enough sleep – make us more likely to tip those scales toward luck. Bad things that we do – drugs, smoking, too much alcohol, isolation, stress, lots of sitting – have the opposite effect. I wish I could just flip a switch in my brain and tell myself “Do this, not that” but it’s SO hard. Visualizing old me in a nursing home with a bad back and failing organs doesn’t seem to have an effect. I know that I need to work hard to stay healthy, but it feels like work. I don’t like having to work that hard. I guess I need to come up with immediate rewards instead of those long-term ones that just aren’t tangible.

Coming soon…immediate rewards. Whenever I can come up with them!

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