Yeah, yeah, it’s that time of year again…

I think my only real resolution for 2018 is going to be that I need to journal every day. I unload so much stuff in my journaling, that I think it’s incredibly important. Once every 30 days (28 days is supposedly how long it takes to make something a habit), I’d like to introduce a new focus. These are not resolutions. I will not fail if I don’t accomplish them, but I’d like to “focus” on them. Sooo…

Meesee’s Big Ass List of 2018 Resolutions

30 day goal: Journal every single day. I have a handwritten journal and I have this. I’m not sure which is better. I feel like I’m able to unload so much more in such a short amount of time here, but I wonder if I process it as well here.

I’d like to quit drinking (again), too, but my focus is the journaling. Hopefully, writing those “feels” down will make me feel less like abusing myself. Definitely need to have an element of gratitude for every day.

60 day goal: I’d like to work hard on my eating. To do this, I’ll need to meal plan. Focus mostly on sugar and no alcohol. I’ll try this in January, but I’m not making it a focus until February.  Also, keep journaling!

90 day goal: March will come in like a lion, right? Break a sweat for 30 minutes every damn day. Right now, I have some slight mobility issues going on – screwed up over-firing hip flexors and extremely weak glutes – that I’m doing PT for. I’m hoping by March my PT gives me the okay to start trying to run. He seemed hopeful that we’d get me there (or at least mostly there) by March. I’m kind of terrified about this one.

120 day goal: Money. I need to seriously start saving and planning for retirement. Hopefully, I’ll be working enough to finally make that happen.

150 day goal: By May, I would like to really focus on clutter. We’re hoping to do some work to replace the flooring in our house and possibly some kitchen stuff, too. It’ll be a lot easier to have a beautiful house (it’s tough when your carpet is old and dingy and ugly…nothing looks great even when you vacuum).

180 day goal: Start doing some serious photography again? Six months seems so far out! Maybe make a goal to socialize every week. Something to work toward that isn’t so focused on “improvement” but just a greater sense of purpose?

I think that’s about as good as it gets for now. Resolutions are hard. I would love to weigh less, hurt less, have more money, and have a beautiful, clean house with lots of visitors. I am pitiful at resolutions and each year I set myself up for failure. Maybe doing it with a “focus” goal as opposed to an all or nothing kind of thing will really help. But ultimately, I need to journal journal journal!!!

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