Ch Ch Changes…

I think I’m finally doing enough mental work that I’m starting to eat well. I decided to swear off of the grains this month and eat right. I worked out yesterday and have eaten all right the last two days and I’m down a pound or two (it’s hard to tell, so I’m just putting it at one for now). Even though I pounded a lot of cheese last night and had enough chocolate to take out my dog, looks like it’s working. It just fascinates me how different people respond to different diets. I eat all of the fat, and I lose weight. If I went vegan, I would be miserable and fat. Thanks, northern European ancestors!

Anyway, I’m on track and feeling okay. Not feeling great yet, because I’m still craving those easy calories, but whatever. If I can get to October 20 pounds lighter, it’ll be worth it.


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